Accessories For Aluminum Spacer Bar

Plastic Corner Key

Abstract: Huatai Yinhai International is one of the top level China plastic corner key manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company, we are always able to offer you plastic corner key, corner key glass at competitive price and reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

Plastic Corner Key

The key to connect standard Aluminum spacer. Standard Aluminum Spacer will be cut into short length. Four separated parts will be connected by the plastic corner key. 

Also we could offer the corner key according to customer requirements. 


Various specifications of plastic corner keys could be offered

Technical Data:

Accurate Angle and Good Shape so it can be fit into the Aluminum spacer with no leak of molecular sieve.


1 plastic corner possesses the excellent ageing-resistant 

2 high hardness 

3 high temper and decorative characteristic

Plastic corner key

Plastic corner key is manufactured specially for different insulating glass aluminium spacer. It possesses the excellent ageing-resistant, high hardness, high temper and decorative characteristic.

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