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Hot-melt Butyl

Abstract: Huatai Yinhai International is one of the top level China hot-melt butyl manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company, we are always able to offer you hot-melt butyl glass at competitive price and reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.


solvent-free, fog-free,un-sulfurized,good adhesion to glass,aluminum alloy.zinc plating steel,stainless steel and etc

hot melt butyl rubber china

Single component sealant without flux, takes butane rubber and polyisobutylene as its basic materials. It gives outstanding adhesion to aluminum, glass and stainless steel, good heat endurance and good resistance to water immersion, all of which makes it major choice for the first sealing of insulating glass


1. Clean and dry adhesion surface to get rid of dirty, oily things.

2. MH-01 is applied by special hot-melt butyl extrusion machine.

3. The extrusion condition could be satisfied through temperature and pressure adjustment, for example 4.Temperature could be adjusted over the range of 120°C~150°C.

5. The environment temperature should not be lower 10°C in application.

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