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Colored Aluminum Spacer Bar

Colored Aluminum Spacer Bar

Abstract: Huatai Yinhai International is one of the top level China colored aluminum spacer bar manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company, we are always able to offer you colored aluminum spacer bar glass at competitive price and reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

Colored Aluminum Spacer Bar

Colored Aluminum Spacer Bar is processed by high frequency welding aluminum spacer, which is environment-friendly and with decorative quality.

No volatile matter stays by the surface of the Spacer.

Colorful coating has the better adhering quality. The perfect bending performance has been kept to ensure the sealing effect at corners. Attachment to sealant could be guaranteed since there no exists oil or water during the production. Various colors could be arranged along with different sizes requirement.


Stable Welding State

Double Row Perforated to keep the molecular sieve and guarantee moisture absorption

Surface no scratching 

Tidy and Smooth Cross-section, No burrs 

High Strength and Good Toughness

Pure Aluminum , No corrosion, no Oxidation

Brief introduction of black color aluminium spacer bar

1.Technology adopted ISO 9001:2008 standard.

2.Aluminum spacer bar for insulating glass thickness 0.26-0.35mm, anti-corrosion.

3.Unique design profiles, excellent bending property.

4.Unique surface treatment, better sealing properties with sealants.

5.High-frequency induction welding, continuous welding seam quality monitoring by eddy current system.

6.No burrs and no deformation after cutting, better for connected.

7.Making LOGO as customer special requirement.

1.smooth surface, high anti-rust, corrosion brightness.

2.Aluminum sheet face thoroughly uniform, good linearity, no distortion, dimensional stability.

3.The high strength, good toughness, bending devices can be used with any of the angle between successive bent aluminum frame.


Mohs 5.

6,Raw material & Quality:

To pure aluminum ingots as raw material, the surface to be treated, so that no oxidation, corrosion and other materials used in insulating glass has excellent compatibility.


Hollow glass aluminum bulkheads (hollow aluminum) is a high purity raw materials for aluminum products, surface treated, no oxidation, corrosion, the desiccant does not have any impact on the effective elimination of fogging.

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