Butyled Aluminum Spacer Bar

Butyled Aluminum Spacer Bar

Butyled Aluminum Spacer Bar


(1) Excellent mechanical properties: bond strength, high tensile strength, flexibility, good elongation properties, for interface deformation and cracking adaptability.

(2) Stable chemical performance: excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

(3) Reliable application performance: its adhesion, waterproofing, sealing, low temperature resistance, good dimensional stability.

(4)Construction of simple operation

Features and benefits:

1) Life is not cured, it can remain permanently flexible and can withstand a certain degree of displacement.

2) Excellent water tightness and chemical resistance, UV (sunlight) ability, more than 20 years of life.

3) Easy to use, accurate dosage.

4) Color: Standard color is gray, black and white (other colors available according to user needs).

5) Packaging, product specifications, type: carton packaging, product specifications according to customer demand production, a single non-woven, single-sided aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape, double sided butyl waterproof tape, double sided butyl waterproof network folder PE tape and other types. Aluminum foil Various colors can be chosen at random.

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