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Butyl Tape

Abstract: Huatai Yinhai International is one of the top level China butyl tape manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company, we are always able to offer you butyl tape glass at competitive price and reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.


1.butyl sealing strips 

2.gives best performance on weather resistance,UV resistance,oxides resistance 


butyl sealing strips

1 Product description:

Top Best butyl tape is mainly made of butyl rubber(PIBI),it gives best performance on corrosion

resistance, UV resistance, oxide resistance; it is used for water-proof, sealing, low temperature adaption. 

2 Main application fields 

(1) Steel construction, sun panel, drain parts; 

(2) Window&door; concrete roof; pipes 

(3) PC panel. 

(4) Car industry. 

(5) Repairing of roof and cars. 

3 Product advantage

(1) non-solidified ,flexible, good adaptability 

(2) Water-proof and anti-corrsion, good anti-UV performance, life time up to 20 year 

(3) easy application 

4 Color: black, grey, white or according to customers. 

5.Product construction 

(1) single side tape with cloth 

(2) single side tape with aluminum. Strip 

(3) double sided tape with paper 

(4) double side tape with PE net in the middle 

Self adhesive roof crack butyl sealing strip/tape is mainly made of butyl rubber. It is environmentally friendly, non-cure, self-adhesive tape. The features are excellent adherence, time resistance, waterproofing and easily adhere onto different surfaces. It also pocess the functions of airproof, shockproof and protection. Its a unique waterproofing sealant material without any solvent, non-shrinkage and non-noxious gas.

Products Property:

1) Material: Silicone rubber 

2) Hardness: 20 shoreA

3) Color: Black, white, red, gray, miliky ect

4) Smooth and beautiful appearance

5) Good elasticity and sealing function 

6) Its most performance is high and low temperature resistance, ranging -60 to 260 degree.

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