Aluminum Spacer Bar

  • Plastic Corner Key for Standard Spacer

    Contact NowPlastic Corner Key for Standard SpacerThe key to connect standard Aluminum spacer. Standard Aluminum Spacer will be cut into short length. Four separated parts will be connected by the plastic corner key.?Read More

  • Standard Aluminum Spacer Bar

    Contact NowStandard Aluminum Spacer BarFeatures´╝Ü High Purity Aluminum Alloy Smooth Welding Line and Stable Welding State Shinning Surface, with No Scratches Double Row Perforated to keep the molecular sieve and guarantee moisture absorption 100% hole penetration rate Pure Aluminum , No corrosion, no Oxidation, no deformation...Read More

  • Aluminum Spacer Bar For Profile

    Contact NowAluminum Spacer Bar For ProfileAluminum Spacer Bar for Profile: Smooth surface,no winding,no bending or twisting.The perfect bending performance has been kept to ensure the sealing effect at corners.Read More

  • Aluminum Bar For Glass

    Contact NowAluminum Bar For GlassAluminum bar for Glass: Aluminum spacer bar is main for the hollow glass,high purity aluminum alloy,smooth welding line and stable welding state.Hollow glass is the part and parcel for building.Read More

  • Bendable Aluminum Spacer Bar

    Contact NowBendable Aluminum Spacer BarProduct Description Aluminum Spacer Bar for Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bar is using the high purity aluminum or aluminum alloy as the raw material into solid aluminum products. It is widely used in processing Insulating glass. The spacer together with the sealant could connect two pieces...Read More

  • Aluminum Spacer Bar For Insulated

    Contact NowAluminum Spacer Bar For InsulatedAluminum Spacer Bar for Insulated: The main effect of the aluminum spacer bar is to insulate the heat.When the temperate is too high,the bar can lower it can make the glass cool.Shinning surface,with no scratches.Read More

  • Aluminum Spacer Bar For Glazing Glass

    Contact NowAluminum Spacer Bar For Glazing GlassAluminum Spacer Bar for Glazing Glass: The delicate out-looking and cheap price of the HF aluminum spacer is the perfect substitute for cold drawing spacer.Standard and bendable aluminum spacer bar the sizes available:5.5mm to 26.5mm,wall thickness:0.20mm to 0.35mmRead More

  • Aluminum Spacer Bar For Double Glass

    Contact NowAluminum Spacer Bar For Double GlassAluminum Spacer Bar for Double Glass: Double row perforated to keep the molecular sieve and guarantee moisture absorption.100%hole penetration rate.pure aluminum,no corrosion,no oxidation,no deformation.Read More

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