Aluminum Spacer Bar Production Line

Aluminum Bar Production Line

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Aluminum Bar Production Line:

The aluminum spacer  production line is to roll-form the aluminum coil with certain width and use high frequency induction welding,then here comes the finished product-aluminum spacer bar for insulating glass.

Product Description

High Frequency Welding Aluminum Spacer Bar Production Line

The Aluminum Spacer Production line is to roll-form the Aluminum coil with certan width and use high frequency induction welding, then  here comes the finished product--Aluminum Spacer Bar for Insulating Glass

Technical process

Uncoil→Feeding→ Rolling forming→High frequency welding→Scraper→Sizing→ Straightening →Flying saw cutting the material→Feeding station


1.PLC control, touch human-machine interface, simple operation 

2.Feeding system adopts CNC servo motor, bending angle uses CNC control, it doesn't need changing cutter(more than 6 mm) 

4.Bending and cutting automatically avoid the connection, the roundness, automatically cut after bending. 

5.manual operation, it's easy to debug and repair 

6.It can make triangle, rectangle, positive five squareness, positive hexagon, roundness and so on. 

HTYH Advantages

1.One of the Best and Earliest Manufacturers in the Industry;

2.Manufacturer for Aluminum Spacer bar as well as for its roll forming and welding equipment;

3.Advanced US Thermtool high frequency induction welding techniques;

4.Reasonable Price with Better Quality;

5.Stable Welding and Operation with Gantry Mould roll forming unit;

6.Inner Circulating Water Cooling System;

7.Professional engineers make improvement all the time according to problems in Spacer;

8.Developing generation of machines have been working on; 

9.Cooperation could be achieved by Aluminum Spacer , Machine , Georgian Bar, Warm Edge;

10.One-stop purchasing for Aluminum Spacer products.

1.Main Function Introduction

1).The startup was controlled by single button, and it is adopted touch screen.

2).The head of the cutter can be adjusted automatically.It can operates without changing the cutter aluminum spacer when the width of the spacer is bigger than 6mm.

3).Fuji servo feeding system with digital control, bending angle. digital control system, siemens control system.

4).To reconnect the ends automatically, and to prevent the ends being clashed intelligently.

5).Judging the processing data intelligently. 

6).The remanent can be processed again and no tailings exist.

7).Cutting the feed supply automatically when the processing is done.

8).Counting the output.

9).Remaining dormant state to save energy consumption when there is no processing.

10).Adopting the emergency stop.

11).Adjusting the bending speed automatically.

12).Performing the processing at a high speed, efficiency and continuity.

13).Adopting an automatic storage tank which can feed the material automatically and reconnect the aluminum spacer automatically.

14).Can bend both the arc and shaped aluminum spacers.

15).Manual control to debugging the trial run.

16).The head of the cutters is adjustable and processing data can be figured by customers themselves.

17).Indicating the relevant information when there is no supply, when it is in dormant state, when there is any malfunction, when it is in working state, and even can indicate debugging information for any wrong with the machine.

18).Adopting clock to display the current date and time.

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